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Deli Plus

We were approached to help with the branding and marketing for Deli Plus.


Deli Plus is a family owned and run business specialising in personally tailored management solutions to feeding people in work. Providing full management and staffing for on site catering including the hospitality and vending services.


The client had already decided upon the company name and had a clear idea on what visual style they wanted. We then helped shape the visual identity and decided upon a font based logo for ease of communication, to work across a wide range of media and to deliver on the clients initial vision.


From this starting point the new identity was then rolled out across website, business stationery, staff clothing, point of sale and all marketing material including advertising, promotional, product and targeted personalised marketing.


We then designed the initial business proposal as well as the customer service improvement plan including illustration and 3D visuals that helped secure the catering contract for Admiral Insurance at their new flagship building, Ty Admiral, in Cardiff.

What was involved

- branding

- print design & production

- graphic design

- marketing

- 3D Visuals

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