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Housedale | Web Design

Housedale is an established property management company that also offers electrical services for the domestic and commercial industry.

We were tasked with creating a brand new website for Housedale that would not only serve as an informational hub for potential customers but also to showcase their professional work.

We went for a minimal style of design which allowed viewers to find out exactly what services the company offered without overloading with too much information. Using a clear CTA (call to action) created a streamline path from the first time a person visits, directly to a free quote and contact page. 

With the small budget we opted for using high quality stock imagery to create a professional, yet personable experience when visiting the website. We finalised the website with a gallery that links directly to Housedales Instagram account. This meant, no matter where they were working they could upload work in progress images directly to their Instagram and  simultaneously to the gallery on the website.

Check out the live website:

What was involved

- Web Design

- Content Creation


- Web Hosting

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