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Gemini Digital Colour

Gemini Digital Colour is the UK’s longest established digital printing company. They have been in business for 30 years, and are highly regarded within the print industry. They are winners of the prestigious PrintWeek Digital Printer of the Year award. They are a small professional team that offer digital, large format and fine art print services.

Web Design
We were contacted by Gemini to update the companies branding and website. It was outdated and didn’t reflect the award-winning quality of their print work. We designed the new branding to reflect the amazing quality, variety and vibrancy of print work that Gemini produces for it’s customers. The old website had too many pages, as well as broken links and a confusing structure. We re-designed and re-developed a new, modern website that is easily accessible and showcases the full range of services that Gemini offers. Focusing on keyword research we produced an SEO plan that got Gemini Digital Colour to the top of Google search results for multiple areas including Cardiff. These organic results brought in a 400% increase in traffic and in turn, new and valuable clients.

Social Media & Content Management
Along with the website and branding, we have also developed Gemini Digital Colour’s social media strategy which was non existent. We set up Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts and now produce and manage the content for these channels.

Email Marketing

We have a solid understanding of email marketing. Using Mailchimp alongside Gemini’s Accura MIS system, we produced stunning, custom email designs that stood out from the crowd, giving a truly personalised experience. This was used to support social media campaigns and product offers to help reach their target audience and win new business.

Photography & Videography

Using professional photography and videography we were able to create high quality content for both the website and marketing campaigns.

You can view their website here:

What was involved

- Web Design

- Branding


- Marketing

- Ad campaigns

- Social Media Management

- Graphic Design

- Product Photography

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